EXIF-, IPTC- & photo-metadata managed the easy and professional way.

Explore and edit the hidden data in your photos on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. imagExif supports your workflow and protects your privacy!

Screenshot of the iPad version of the EXIF- and IPTC overview

An iPad version was the most requested feature from you. Therefore, imagExif now supports both iPhone and iPad and takes full advantage of the capacities of both device categories!

Open your Photos from Apple Photos and iCloud Drive

Now you can open your photos not only from your Photos Library but also from the Files App and thus from iCloud Drive.
That allows scenarios like this: on your iPad - import photos from your card reader or hard drive to the Files App into iCloud Drive and open it with imagExif from there!

Screenshot of the iPad version of the photos- and files open modes

Some of the app features

This iOS app is available for both iPad & iPhone - comes in english and german and has a ton of features:

Shows all the EXIF-Tags & IPTC-Tags

... like photographer, keywords, headline, title, description, dimensions, ISO speed, date taken, aperture, shutter-speed and a lot more.

Edit your EXIF data

You can edit the artist-, date-, copyright-, comment-, keywords-, category-, genre-, description-, camera-, camera-model-, firmware-tags (and so many more) of your photos!

Bulk edit

Save multiple photos at once: Enter the data once and apply it to all open photos now or later - it couldn't be quicker or easier, especially combined with the preset-feature!

Full support of iPad and iPhone

So many of you asked for it and finally it's here: imagExif fully supports iPad and iPhone natively.

Define and save presets

You can save your entries as preset and apply them to any photo you want. This way you save a lot of time if you edit more than one photo.

Open from different sources

Open your photos from your Apple Photos library as well as from your files-app and this way from iCloud Drive. This way you can easily open the files you just imported with your card reader onto your iPad Pro.

Protects your privacy

Privacy share removes metadata from your photos so that you can share (or save) it to anyone you want without sending to much details.

Displays EXIF in Apple Photos and other apps

While watching photos in Apple Photos or any other app you can take a look at the infos by using the app extension.
You can also force to open any photo directly from Photos App in imagExif to edit the photo data.

Shows geo-coordinates

See where the photo has been taken, including attributes like timestamp, speed, height, course and more.

A few app screenshots

Screenshots of imagExif, the iOS app to edit your metadata the easy and professional way.

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